one day i woke up and told my husband, “i’m going to be a wedding photographer.” No, really. i said it aloud + believed it deep in my bones (my husband smiled back at me but secretly thought it was just dream talk). At the time, i was working long hours at a corporate marketing job + had never owned a camera of my own.

my approach to photographing weddings is like Type A-control freak mixed with a free spirit who loves to be happy; basically, let’s plan the day ahead as best possible so we are left to get lost shooting together outside somewhere.

i shoot anywhere + everywhere but most importantly i want weddings filled with sentiment + family + meaning

i especially love the classic + timeless moments, the joy + all the laughter. every little moment of it. i dream of couples who are effortless + iconic; so give me all of them; the ones who want to hug their parents extra tight that day, the ones who dream of timeless days filled with ceremony exits where the applause is deafening + the rose petals are thrown, the flickering of candlesticks all down the tables + the greenery-wrapped decor, the champagne toasts + the tears that go along with them + the bands that help the parties go deep into the night. give me all of it, every damn day.

i’m a wife + momma to a strong-willed + energetic four year old boy and his 10 month old sister, who is a chunky + a sweet ray of sunshine. (we worked hard for these IVF babes + know how lucky we are.) i drink french press coffee every morning, love shopping for art + talking all things decorating, i chug a green smoothie in the morning but will sneak a cheeseburger any chance that i get + am a quintessential homebody. and of course, everyday is better when it ends with a beer (an IPA + the hoppier the better). 

the commonality with all my brides is that something about my work + who i am + what i love resonates with them; i feel lucky that this often leads to a friendship + cocktail dates where we share our love of the target dollar bin + other fun stuff. 

i hope that this tiny look into me + my work inspires you to connect.