motherhood sessions

it’s motherhood session time again. there’s something about spring that makes me dream of these shoots; and as i’ve said before, these sessions have my heart. while we went through our struggle to conceive both our children (IVF for the double win, woot woot!), my sadness was driven by the thought that i’d never get the simplest of moments with a child; a wet-lipped kiss, comforting a boo-boo, chasing after a crazy toddler. i’d silently watch mothers as they wrangled + loved on their kiddos around me + i dreamed that one day i’d have the chance to be someone’s mother + experience all those things, too.

so these sessions are just that - a time to escape the world + our phones + be present and with our children. i hope that these thoughtful, artful + curated collections bring not only a lot of joy to you as a mother, but a sense that despite the days that feel impossible, you are doing an amazing job.

To secure your motherhood session, please use this sign-up link. I hope to see you there!

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motherhood mini sessions CT
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